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Grow Your Vision

We know how it is to make a film. We know all the work that's put into getting a film completed.  Everyone involved is what makes your movie what it is.  What is your next step? Do you have a plan? Will you have a pitch for film distribution companies?  The truth is many distribution companies ask if you have well known actors and a well known director attached to the movie. Many Independent filmmakers don't have that. If you do that is awesome.

If you don't there is another step that may get a film distributors attention. That attention is getting recognition from film festivals by showing your film has won an award.  












A film award is an achievement , recognition, and a selling point for your movie.  It's a selling point for any movie whether its a micro budget or high budget.  Of course not every film gets selected for awards but many do.  

We are filmmakers and we are here to give you an opportunity to have you submit your film for our  professional movie industry judges to watch.  If selected, your film may be up for an award. Its a great feeling for not only you but every person; cast and crew who will be made so proud.  

So what are you waiting for?

Submit your film right now below

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